Jimmy’s Bob Loblaw Blog

To answer your first question, Bob Loblaw was a character played by Scott Baio (aka Chachi, aka, Charles in Charge) on the TV show Arrested Development. I chose to name this blog that for a couple of reasons.  First of all, it’s an attempt to be funny and to prove that I’m a hip, relevant pastor.  Secondly, “bah, bah, blah” kind of expresses one of my fears as I enter into the world of blogging.

The fear is this: will you care about what I have to say and if you do, will you still accept me after you know what I’m thinking about and what is going on in my heart.  It feels risky to “put it all out there.”  It’s one thing to process things internally and even to share them orally to a community of people.  It feels like another thing altogether to post them on the internet and allow indiscriminate access to me.

So how can a pastor who leads a church that is “serving the world by leading people to freedom in Christ” become so enslaved to fear of blogging?  I got here by believing that if you accept me and approve of what I have to say then that somehow validates me as a man and as a pastor.  Conversely, if you reject me then I have somehow lost the admiration and respect that my flesh craves so much.

This fear tells me that I’m not living life loved by God.  I am substituting your approval with the pleasure and approval of my Father.  His perfect love drives out fear.   He completely accepts me.  He loves me completely.  He approves of me completely.  Why? Because I am one with Jesus and he is one with me.

How about you?  Is there anything that is keeping you from putting it “out there” today?  Are you hiding yourself because you fear the rejection of others?  Is the fear of failure robbing you of the joy of living your life?  Does it do anything to your heart to know that you are completely loved and accepted by your Father right now?  You cannot do one thing after reading this blog that would make him love you one bit more or one bit less.  You can rest in his favor.  Jesus has made you acceptable and you are free to be and do and say whatever he has put in your heart.



  1. becca Said:

    Thanks for the Truth today Jimmy!

  2. Mike D Said:

    I fear the rejection of others, that’s why I hold back a lot of times and don’t allow myself to get too close to other people.

  3. Jay Watts Said:

    If I am leaving the first comment on your blog then what an honor!

    Remember that what you put on the internet lives forever and you will be just fine. I love the first post and have put this on my favorites to check in on and read your ruminations.

    Pastor Wolfe is a blogger now. Sweet.

  4. Ryan Said:

    I over use humor when I feel uncomfortable. That keeps me from having to be vulnerable. Thanks James

  5. cameldriver Said:

    Hey Bro’ More power to ya. Great to see your heart and how you are putting yourself out there. May our Father richly bless the Wolfes and One Church!

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