Tardy for the Party

Jesus performed his first miracle at a wedding celebration. The party had run out of wine so Jesus (following the “suggestion” of his mother) turned some water into wine to keep the party going.  It’s a pretty familiar story but here are some things I’m thinking about today.

I imagine that it would have been incredibly embarrassing for families to run out of wine.  It would have said that they hadn’t planned well enough, didn’t have enough money, or weren’t good enough.  If you’re married, you remember the stress of making sure your wedding was planned down to the last detail and the embarrassment you feared if you didn’t have enough of anything. Maybe that’s why Mary was so insistent that her son rescue his friends from the shame of their insufficiency.

There’s no indication in the story that the bride and bridegroom even knew what had happened.  What if they never even knew that they had run out of wine?  What if they never knew that Jesus had provided so graciously and abundantly for them?  What if the first time they learned about it was when they first heard John’s story of his life with Jesus?

Today, I find myself very aware of some things that I’d like for God to do for me.  Most of them would be dramatic,  impressive, and more “spiritual” than turning water into wine.  The kinds of things I would do if I were God.  What I am sensing is that I need to rest in the abundant ways that he has already provided, ways in which I may not even be aware.

I rest in him because he has rescued me from the shame of my insufficiency and inability to provide for myself.  Before I even knew I had a need, he had provided himself for my self.  Though I am not enough, he has completed me and hidden me in himself.  He has given me his “enoughness.”

And right now, he is sustaining me and my life in more ways than my mind can ever grasp, ways that may not even seem that spiritual.  While I slept last night, he watched over me and cared for me when I was not even conscious of what I needed. Every breath and every beat of my heart is an expression of his provision.  Joy warmed my heart last night when I watched my daughter come alive to  how God has designed her.  Laughter filled our house at bedtime as my other daughter delighted in teasing her daddy.  My father loves me.  He cares for me.  He cares about me.

Will you join me today in resting in what Jesus has already done and what he is doing instead of stressing over the things we think he is supposed to do?  Will you trust that he is good, maybe better than you could ever imagine?  He loves you.  He cares about you.  He cares for you.



  1. Stacy D. Said:

    Our oven broke this week and I thought “Ok God, this is the opposite of what I’ve been asking you to do. This is not providing!” This is a good reminder that God doesn’t always do what I think He’s supposed to, but He’s providing and sustaining me in “behind the scenes” kind of ways. Thanks!

  2. Becca Said:

    What a great reminder Jimmy! Thanks for sharing . . .

    It’s so easy for me to forget that God is providing abundantly for my needs, especially when I am focusing on all these other “needs” that I am CERTAIN He should be providing for . . . I’m going to try really hard today to remember all the ways He is covering me in miraculous, abundant provision!

  3. Maddie Said:

    Definitely what I needed to be reminded of today. Thanks for that Jimmy.

    PS – Tardy for the Party… Made me laugh out loud (or lol as the kids are sayin’ these days) So thanks for that, too.

  4. Erica Deuel Said:

    dude have you heard that song??? Tardy for the Party…you must have 😉 Great title! IThis post made me smile and was an awesome reminder!!! Matt’s encouragement to me since we have been doing Broken Voices is take it a day at a time. Our society so focuses on planning for the future…but in Jesus’s day…its was a day at a time…and every day we have enough to eat and clothes on our back it is success and God is providing for us! This was an awesome reminder as we head home from life on the road…where the excitement and thrill of what we are doing is not as obvious. We are loved!

  5. George Said:

    I “borrowed” this from a devotional that I received today.

    In Bible times, offering wine to your guests at a wedding was a sign of respect, so running out would be considered a social disaster. But notice how Mary handled it; instead of trying to allocate the blame, she decided it was better to solve the problem. John Dewey said, “A problem well stated is a problem half solved”, so before Mary did anything else, she talked to Jesus. Smart move! Jesus told the servants to fill the jars with water and give some to the headwaiter. When he tasted it, the Bible says, “the water had become wine” (John 2:9). But note: it happened after they’d obeyed Jesus, not before. At a particularly tense church leaders’ meeting, when one committee member suggested that they pray about the problems, another responded, “Has it really come to that?” There are basically two reasons we make prayer our last resort instead of our first: (1) We like to think we’re mature enough to solve our own problems (2) We feel insignificant and think, ‘It’s alright for Mary to ask Jesus; she’s His mother, but He’s got bigger problems to solve than mine’. No, your problems are important to Him! He delights in you (Psalm 18:19). He rejoices over you as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride (Isaiah 62:5). You’re never too big or too small to ask your Father for help. Just take your cue from Mary: (a) identify the problem (b) bring it to Jesus (c) do what He says – and you’ll love the results!

  6. Mandy Said:

    Thanks, Jimmy! I loved that and needed that reminder today 🙂

  7. Emily Said:

    loved it

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