If Lost Can Do It…

…then why can’t I?  By “it,” I mean take some time off and then come back better than ever.  Seriously, I apologize for the inactivity on this blog.  I wish I had some really good reasons but I don’t.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts here more consistently as we explore what it means to serve the world by living loved by God.

On Sunday nights, One Church has been on a journey together through I Corinthians 13:1-7.  Since God is love, we’ve used Paul’s description of love in this passage to lead us not only to learn about love but about the essence of God.  It’s been a surprisingly challenging and amazing journey for me as I’ve wrestled with what I really believe about who God is.

Before the journey, I would have agreed that God is love but I don’t know if I really believed that he is the things that are in the passage.  Do I really believe that he is patient and kind?  Do I really believe that he’s not jealous of things in my life but jealous for my heart on my behalf?  I know that I don’t always live like that is what is true about God.  I often live as if he is the exact opposite of what this passage.

Why do I have such a hard time believing that God is love? A few things come to mind.  First, things happen.  Things that seem unkind or unloving and so I begin to believe the lie that God is unkind and unloving.  Second, I think we’ve been lied to about who God is.  Pastors and preachers have used passages of Scripture to teach me that God is not who he is.  He’s somehow less than love.  That’s not new.  The religious leaders and expert Bible teachers in Jesus’ day totally missed who God is and they used the Bible to support their views.  A God whose essence is love totally bust their doctrinal categories.

What about you?  Are you living your life as if you believe that God is love?  Do you believe that he is for you and that he is on your side?  Have circumstances, other people, and religious lies robbed you of the life and freedom that comes from living loved by God?

Thanks for joining One Church on this blog but we’d also love to have you join us on Sunday nights as we leave lies behind us and journey to the heart of who God is.


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  1. Ryan Said:

    Probably the best line so far this series, the one that has been most impact-ful for me, “Him thinks of me.”

    I like theology and doctrine, and I hate having my preconceived notions challenged, but this has been one of the best growing times I have had.


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