Storms and Waves

“Sometimes we pray for God to rescue us from the storms and waves but sometimes God uses the storms and waves to save us.”

I heard Rob Bell say that last week and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how true that is.

As I think back over the times in my life when I was the most desperate for God to change my circumstances, He used those very circumstances to change me and to save me from the man that I had become. In fact, the most signficant things about me have been developed in the midst of “storms” that I begged God to rescue me from.

Even with that knowledge, I find most of my prayers lately are save-me-from-the-storm prayers. “If only you would change this circumstance…”  Maybe God is more concerned about me than he is the circumstance I find myself in.

Storms reveal what I’m placing my trust in and who I believe is really in control.  When things are easy, its easy for me to live under the illusion that I’m in control.  When a storm comes, it shatters that illusion and forces me to trust God who has been in control along.  That is so much easier to type than it is to live.

When I start to feel like I’ve lost control, I get anxious and scared.  I start to scramble and grasp onto anything to re-gain that feeling.  My prayers are less about trusting God than they are ways I try to manipulate him to do what I want.  My devotion and commitment become sacrifices that I show God to prove to him how much I deserve to be saved from the circumstance.

Maybe the reason God doesn’t always save me from the storm is because the storm is saving me.  Its saving me from being the kind of man that believes he’s always in control and deserves a God who does whatever I want.  Its making me into a man who believes that God is good, is in control, and can be trusted.


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  1. mattdeuel Said:

    brilliant thoughts!

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