Removing the Queen

I heard that phrase at a conference recently and it was both refreshing and challenging.  Refreshing because it was a reminder of some of the things that God had place in my heart when I first dreamed of One Church and challenging because it was made me aware of how I had drifted from that idea.

The idea is taken from chess.  The queen is the most powerful piece on the board but if you spend all of your time and energy protecting the queen, you may make your king vulnerable and lose the game.  There are alot of chess pieces each with their unique abilities.  By investing in protecting the queen, you may be neglecting the rest of your resources.

In church world, the queen is our weekly worship gathering.  We tend to spend all of our time and resources trying to make everything happen in that one hour. When we do that, we can forget about all of the other resources and time that could used better if they weren’t devoted to “protecting the queen.”

So at One Church this week we are not meeting on Sunday night for our regular worship gathering. Instead, we are meeting in homes in Woodstock, Roswell , and Atlanta in order to pray about and discuss ways that we can serve the communities that God has placed us in.

I’ve realized that for quite a while most of my time, thinking, emotions, and energy have been spent on making Sunday nights happen.  The measuring stick for how well One Church is doing became how many people came and how well I think I did in communicating the message.  As soon as Sunday night ended, I found myself immediately thinking about the next Sunday.

There’s nothing wrong with our working hard to make Sunday nights the best experience we can but not to the neglect of the talents and time of our complete community.  Of course, all of this is possible because God has gathered a great community of people at One Church who are following Jesus and really desire to do church differently so that we can do life differently.

We’ll gather again for worship on Easter evening and continue to ask the Holy Spirit to lead us to Jesus as we do.  I’m just excited that we’re starting to put ourselves in environments that allow us to live out our vision to “serve the world by leading people to freedom in Christ and freedom in life.”


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  1. Becca Said:

    love it 🙂 You know I’m super excited about this idea right? Can’t wait!

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