Who are we?

One Church is a community of people in north Atlanta seeking to live out God’s dream for us “to serve the world by leading people to freedom in Christ and freedom in life.”  We yearn for people to be set free from religion, moralism, sin, and hopelessness and set free to love, serve, give, and live the lives for which God created us.  We are a group of people who have been transformed by the love and grace of God and yearn for others to experience the freedom that comes from being united with Jesus.  We have experienced the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus and are wrecked for doing life any other way than his way.

 What’s with the name?  Before Jesus died, he looked toward the future and prayed that his people in the 21st century would be “one “in the same way that he is one with the Father.  The most important thing about us is that we are one with Jesus.  We are “in him” and he is “in us.”  His life is our life.   We share in his love, his righteousness, and his kingdom.

 We believe that Jesus is enough.  He is enough to satisfy the hungers of our individual hearts and he is enough to sustain us as a community.  All of history, all of life, and the entire Bible is about him.  When we see Jesus, we see God because he shows us the Father through the Holy Spirit. Our worship gatherings are environments where we can worship Jesus, talk about Jesus, point to Jesus, and trust Jesus as sufficient for all of life.

 Because we are completely loved and accepted by God and because Jesus defines us, we are able to be authentic with each other.  We are free to take off any masks and pretenses that keep us from knowing each other and rob us of experiencing freedom in a community of people who love us.  Jesus’ dream for this community is that we would be one with each other in him and that we join him in his mission for the world.

 We know that freedom that is experienced but not expressed is not real freedom.  In other words, we’ve been set free for a reason and the reason is to serve others and to serve God’s purposes in this generation.  Because we have been set free from sin, our selves and our stuff, we are free to serve others the same way that Jesus has served us. There is great need in the world and Jesus wants to meet this need through his body, the church.  We deeply desire to be agents of justice, mercy, compassion, hope, and love and believe that Jesus has created One Church to do this.

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