What We Believe

About God

We believe that there is one God who exists eternally as three persons:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We believe they are equal in essence and exist in perfect oneness and unity.  We believe that everything in the universe exists for God’s glory and his pleasure.

About Jesus

We believe that the Son of God miraculously took on flesh and lived in the womb of a young Jewish girl named Mary.  We believe that he was named Jesus and that he grew up the son of a carpenter named Joseph.  Jesus was fully God and fully man and lived a completely sinless life in complete dependence on his heavenly Father.  Jesus healed, taught, challenged, served, and loved people perfectly and so his death was a perfect sacrifice for our sins.  He was crucified and buried and was raised from the dead.  His death and resurrection is the only way that men and women can be reconciled with God.  We trust him and him alone to save us.

About the Bible

We believe that God inspired human authors to write books and letters in order to reveal what is true about God, about mankind, and about Jesus.  These books and letters are brought together in what we call the Bible, the Scriptures, or God’s Word. We believe that the original versions of these books do not have any errors in them and do not fail us.  We believe that God is perfect and so his Word is perfect. We trust his Word as the ultimate guide to what is true.  Most importantly, we believe that all of Scripture and history is about Jesus.  We trust the Scriptures to lead us to deeper relationship with Jesus and with each other.

About Men and Women

We believe that men and women were uniquely created by God in his image and likeness and were spiritually alive in a perfect trusting relationship with God.  Through willful rebellion and disobedience, we stopped trusting God and were separated from him, dying spiritually.  That spiritual death and alienation from God expresses itself in acts of selfishness, pride, self-righteousness, lust, greed, etc.  There is nothing that we can do to make ourselves alive spiritually again except to trust in Jesus’ death and resurrection.  By turning from ourselves and trusting Jesus, we are born again, made new creatures, and are reconciled to God.

About Life with God

We believe that our union with Jesus is our only source and energy for life.  By continuing to turn from ourselves and trusting Jesus, the Holy Spirit changes us on the inside and lives Jesus’ life through us on the outside.  Our complete forgiveness and acceptance by God sets us free to be the people God dreams us to be:  a community of people reconciled to Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit, and living life together.  God calls this community Jesus’ body or the Church.  God’s purpose for the church is that we glorify him by experiencing him together and expressing him together as we invite others to turn from themselves, trust Jesus, and be reconciled to God.


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  1. Anne King Said:

    I have been teaching 6 year olds about the Holy Spirit… it is difficult to teach… to explain… but I have used fans with streamers, had them all blowing in the air… You cannot see the Holy Spirit, but he was left behind by Jesus on the earth to help guide us, to speak to us, to help us live the life God and Jesus are hoping we will know.
    The Trinity, God in 3 persons…. I never got it, until I had to teach it.

    I totally agree with your above description… God is good, God and his son Jesus are the way to peace in this life.

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